Data Entry 123 Part 4 – Seamless integration in the OneStream Workflow

We’re almost there: in the first episode, we installed and configured Data Entry 123 from the XF Marketplace, then we created a selector and 2 forms in the second episode, then we added calculations to the forms. Now, we are going to add the forms in the Workflow. 

First Things First

Create a new Workflow Profile, in our case, we create a simple Forms Workflow Profile:

Assign Forms to Workflows with ‘Forms Usage’

Go back to the Data Entry 123 Form Builder and select ‘Form Usage’ in the upper left corner.

This is where we are making the forms available for a Workflow Profile.

Again, you will have the same logic where you can create a Form Set with Form Set Members.

Now, go to the Workflow Assignment tab to assign Form Sets to Workflow Profiles. All these steps will give you a lot of flexibility.

In our case, we are assigning the Volume Form Set we just created to the Forms.Forms Workflow Profile. Note that you can have different assignments for different scenarios.

As always, make sure you save your work…

Attaching Data Entry 123 Forms to a Workflow Profile

Go back to the Workflow Profile and change the workflow name to ‘Workspace’ or ‘Workspace, Certify’

Then select DE123AsWorkspace_DFM – Data Entry 123 (Workspace)

Save your work and voila, you’re done!

With one Workflow Profile, you can have multiple forms and folders, automatic calculations and a very nice and pleasant interface to use. You can jump from one cube to the other and create a mini application that will look very professional and that will satisfy your most exigent clients!

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